Academic Clinical Advisory Clinic

The purpose of the Academic Clinical Advisory Committee is to conduct a review and examination of the Curriculum Vitae of Clinical Title Series Faculty members and provide recommendations and guidance to them on how to increase their likelihood of promotion to the next rank. This committee is advisory only. The ACAC can also provide strategies to clinical title series faculty to enhance their career and professional development needs.


Clinical Title Series faculty will be asked to submit their Curriculum Vitae to the Associate Dean for Faculty and Professional Development who will distribute the CVs to Academic Clinical Advisory Committee for review. The clinical title series faculty member must submit their CV at least 1 year in advance of their anticipated promotion date to have their CV reviewed by the Academic Clinical Advisory Committee. This advance notice will allow the faculty member to make any necessary changes based on recommendations by the Academic Clinical Advisory Committee. The committee will consider the statements of evidence for the faculty members’ department. This committee is an advisory group to assist faculty readiness for promotion.

Academic Clinical Advisory Committee Membership:

·       Dr. Paula Bailey, Internal Medicine-Hospitalist
·       Dr. Jaqueline Gibson, Internal Medicine-General
·       Dr. Rick McClure, Internal Medicine
·        Dr. John O’Brien, Obstetrics and Gynecology
·       Dr. Peter Sawaya, Internal Medicine-Nephrology
·       Dr. T. Shawn Caudill, Internal Medicine-General
·       Dr. Paul Sloan, Anesthesiology